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selectquote. we shop. you save. bill: here we are, heading out into the rain. martha: another five inches of rain. bill: what do we do with five inches of rain. martha: we toss to "happening now." we'll see you tomorrow. martha: we wish you luck. the dow has been trading lower for most of the morning, down more than 200 points. the disturbing point during the trading day. there are a few things factors in here that we want to mention to you. there are fewer americans filing for unemployment than we've seen in this recession. the trouble is in the latest week the number went up higher than the markets anticipated. there is a little bit of a surprise that more americans than thought filed for unemployment this week. the trade deficit reached its
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widest level in a month. we want the number to be closer together, what we import annex port. that did not happen. more concerns about debt in europe. last year the kwraoerp yan debt crisis really affected our markets and sent them lower. a lot of nerves in wall street today. we'll keep you updated with new developments as we get them. jon: and good morning to you, hope your thursday is off to a great start, markets aside. i'm jon scott. martha: i'm jenna lee. we are here in the fox newsroom. "happening now" high drama in the wisconsin budget battle over union rights as senate republicans outmaneuver democrats at least for now who who high tailed it out of the state to block a controversial vote. jon: the senate needs a quorum of 20 to take up any measure that spends money, so a special committee of lawmakers from the senate and the assembly voted to
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take out all of the spending measures in that bill a move that clearly did not go over well with democrats. take a look. >> no, no, no. >> if there is any doubt as to whether good cause exists the governmental body should provide 24 hours notice. this is clearly a violation. it is improve for you to move forward while this is a violation of the clause. you're not allowing an amendment and that is wrong. mr. chairman this is a violation of law, this is not just a rule, it's a law. >> we are adjourned. >> no mr. chairman this is a violation of the open meetings law. it requires -- martha: well, it wasn't without controversy. that's for sure. the senate then passed the bill as you saw, limiting collective bargaining rights for many state workers. within hours thousands of protesters again swarmed the
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capitol. you can see on your screen right there, jon it wasn't pretty. jon: mayhem in the capitol building and the drama is far from over with the assembly now set to take up the vote just one hour from now. mike tobin live in madison, are they going to get down to business and get some type of a vote taken, mike. >> reporter: you know, jon it looks like the assembly special scheduled for an hour from now isn't going to happen. that is because the demonstrators have got even into the inner hallways on the assembly side of the capitol. they sat down and blocked the hallways. a little drama that is developing at the same time. i spoke with a couple of staff members for the house speaker, representative jeff fitzgerald. they say they are trapped in the office right now, with the demonstrators out in front and they say the situation is quite tense right now because the demonstrators are trying to get in the office where they've barricaded the doors shut, if you will. record less the assembly session that was planned for an hour from now not going to happen on time, jon. jon: this all started with the
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14 senate democrats who high tailed it out of the state because they didn't want to vote on an issue they don't like. where are they right now? >> reporter: still in illinois as of last conversation. they say they are going to stay there until they plan their next move. it's also interesting what you're hearing from the senate democrats, because this collect tiff bargaining language or the limits to collective bargaining was stripped away from all the financial language in the budget bill, they say that this ultimately proves what they were saying all along that this was never about balancing the budget that this was about breaking the unions, jon. jon: mike tobin live in madison. it's going to be interesting to watch what happens there, mike, stay on it for us. martha: from the capitol in wisconsin to our nice's capitol controversial hearings on radicalization in the american, muslim community. christian, jewish muslim groups are protesting outside as this is happening. household chairman paoeuter king is receiving roupb the clock security. in opening remarks kings addressed the controversy but
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stressed the importance of moving forward with the hearings, take a listen. >> i'm well aware that the announcement of these hearings has generated considerable controversy and opposition. some of this opposition such as my colleague and friends has been measured and thoughtful. other opposition both from special interest groups and the media has ranged from disbelief to rage and hysteria. let me make it clear today that i remain convinced that these hearings must go forward and they will. martha: well we're a few hours into the hearings now. shannon bream is live in washington with the latest. congressman ellison was very emotional this morning. what brought that on, what did he have to say in his testimony. >> reporter: he started out by expressing great war row that these hearings are going to wind up pushing away those within the muslim community who would be the most helpful to law enforcement, take a listen.
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>> it's true that specific individuals including some that are muslims are violent extremists, however these are individuals not entire communities, individuals like anwar al-awlaki. >> reporter: he went onto share the story of a muslim man who was a first responder. he got very emotional in talking about how some questioned why that man was there at ground zero that day, what his motives were. he ultimately died trying to do his job, jenna. martha: the committee is hearing from the other side as well. those saying this inquiry is exactly what the country needs, who is speaking out. >> reporter: congressman frank wolf talked about the number of radicalized young men from his district who have wound up being
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arrested or linked to terror in some way. he says a lot of groups do not want to talk about this in an honest open way and what is really happening here in the u.s. and he says that includes the council on islamic relations, cair. >> my concern about cair is not limited about disturbing origins and connections to terrorist financing. i'm concerned about cair's role in attack being the reputations of any who dare to raise concerns about domestic radicalization. >> reporter: wolf says the attacks are not going to stop him from having a discussion. he says we must have, jenna. martha: certainly a lot more to this story. one we'll watch throughout the day today, shannon, thank you very much. [gunfire] jon: fox news alert, brand-new reports and compelling new video
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out of libya. moammar gadhafi's forces say they have driven the opposition out of the strategic oil port of ras lanuf. this as the opposition scores a diplomatic victory. france becoming the first country to recognize their interim council. the rebels say they captured hamid karzai. tkafz forces say they now have it back. here is alex crawford. [gunfire]
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[yelling] [gunfire] jon: sky news reporter alex crawford is actually inside an ambulance in these particular shots. when that ambulance came under rifle fire apparently by forces loyal to moammar gadhafi, there you see alex crawford there in the back of the ambulance, more antiaircraft fire, again qaddafi's forces claim they have
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retaken the city of zawiya, a city held by the opposition forces. if that is trite is a monumental victory for qaddafi government. they say they have recaptured the closes city to tripoli, the capitol that had been held by the rebels. martha: the obama administration is keeping close tabs on the situation in libya of course. we have breaking news, secretary of state hillary clinton will travel to the region next week visiting egypt and tunisia. james rosen is live with details. what does the secretary hope to achieve by going there. >> reporter: the secretary disclosed the travel plans literally just minutes ago in her opening statement pw-fp the house appropriation subcommittee that is examining the state department's budget. she'll help advance democracy and meet with opposition figures both in the u.s. and next week during her travels in the mideast.
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the last 24 hours has seen pointed criticism of the obama administration had link of the crisis with "the washington post" saying the actions taken by the president and secretary of state seems to be having the effect of encouraging qaddafi to engage in a civil war. the nation's top diplomat rejected that criticism. >> we are standing with the libyan people as they brave bombs and bullets to demand that qaddafi must go now without further violence or delay. our diplomats are hard at work with our allies and partners, including in the united nations, nato, the african union, the arab league, the gulf cooperation council to isolate, sanction and pressure qaddafi to stop the violence against his own people. >> reporter: secretary clinton added that the obama administration will quote consider tougher measures as the situation in libya develops. martha: speaking of developments. we talked a lot about the issue of whether or not the u.s.
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should establish a no-fly zone there. do we know anything more today? >> reporter: it's interesting that the course of voices that has weighed in on this. robert gates has stressed the military tkeuftsz in nutra liesing military. john amos has being acknowledged that most of the antiaircraft is around tripoli. commander of the u.s. joint forces command has weighed in telling an audience at harvard university he thinks the u.s. could establish a no supply zone, quote, within a couple of days. he was the chief architect of of the successful 2007 troop surge in iraq. one last development, jenna, also in testimony on the hill this morning james clapper the director of national intelligence said that with the qaddafi regime better equipment and greater logistical resources he believes and i quote over the long term the regime will prevail. martha: the story we'll continue to watch. james rosen with breaking
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developments for us, jon. jon: your other news source, is also continuing to watch those stories, jenna and so much more. here is congressman peter king running those hearings we've been telling you about. if you go to just above the fold on, some very compelling pictures from the battles in libya, more libya coverage there, your other news source jenna. martha: jon we have this fox news alert for our viewers now. we want to show you what is happening live in wisconsin, we'll bring you there in just a moment, in madison, wisconsin, the assemblywoman now. we are getting news that protesters are being forcibly dragged by the police out of the wisconsin assemblywoman. this is inside where the work is actually being done. this is where the work has to be done today, because the senate did its business last night, that's where it passed a controversial part about limiting collective bargaining rights for the unions, that goes back to the assembly. you can see on your screen, we are seeing some protesters,
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reports coming from our photographer there that protesters are forcibly being dragged by police out of this assemblywoman. we'll bring you up to date as we hear more about that. also new details on a deadly gas explosion in northern california last fall, this fire in san bruno, it's hard to forget, it left eight people dead, more than a hundred homes destroyed or damaged, now an investigation reveals there may have been enough time, enough time to evacuate these homes and save those lives. also, planning a spring vacation? why you may have to dig a lot deeper into your wallet for an airline ticket, we'll break that down for you. plus lindsay lohan back in court this morning facing felony theft charges. is she going to jail today? we'll find out in just about 15 minutes.
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jon: new and very disturbing details about that deadly gas explosion in a northern california neighborhood last fall. eight people died, more than a hundred homes were damaged or destroyed in the town of san bruno. now newly released phone records show more than 30 minutes passed from the time utility workers realized they had, quote, a major, major problem, until the explosion. so now many people are asking, why didn't pacific gas and electric tell residents to get out before that pipeline actually blew up? my guest is ken rows even felled a legal analyst for our affiliate in sacramento, fox 40. ken, first of all these records that show this 30-minute time lapse, i guess you would call it, describe it, what happened? >> well the records are devastating to pg and e. what the records show is that pg&e had knowledge in a there were pressure changes that were occurring 30 minutes prior to the explosion. pressure changes meaning the pipes can hold 400 pounds of pressure. they were getting readings over
11:19 am
600 pounds, these are 55-year-old pipes. let's just say there have been some advances in technology in the last 55 years. pipes continue handle that. they knew 30 minutes in advance that these things were going to go and that's what this report shows. devastating for pg&e. jon: and there were alarms going on in their headquarters. >> according to the report there were alarms that were happen in a san francisco-based area for pg&e but the bottom line is that for hours they knew that there were fluctuations that were abnormal occurring during this time period and 30 minutes prior they knew that the reading had spiked to 600-plus pounds of pressure on a 55 five-year-old pipe that couldn't hold it. it's not rocket science. it's common-sense it was going to happen. jon: this was one of the most devastating man-made disasters that i've ever seen. the entire neighborhood was incinerated. what you're saying is they had 30 minutes, they could have got even on bull horns, made phone calls, reverse 911 or whatever
11:20 am
and told all those people, get out of your houses now, this thing could blow. >> absolutely. this becomes an issue of how much time is reasonable. if they only had one or two minutes well then probably getting emergency services is less reasonable, 30 minutes is a world of time. you don't need 30 minutes to get the hell out of your house, you need about 15 seconds when somebody tells you it's going to explode. jon: and, again, the indications were, i mean they knew they had an old line and there's been testimony to the effect that this line was an accident waiting to happen, basically. >> well according to the readings of the report from the government this does show that they did have knowledge that there were spikes in pressure, that the pressure going up to 600 pounds on something that cannot hold that, that is antiquated as far as the industry standards are concerned with new technology, it shows that they had knowledge that an accident was going to happen. there is no way with 30 minutes of notice that something more should not have been done, it
11:21 am
should have been done. jon: ken rosenfeld is the legal analyst for our fox affiliate. thank you. martha: a new video coming in of a deadly quake. the trepl or toppling thousands of homes, crews going through rubble to search for survivors. pictures from the area in moments from now. brand-new developments in the wisconsin budget battle. a new vote to restrict collective bargaining for most union tph-s that state is set for less than an hour from now as protesters face off from police. we have brand-new updates coming up live at the scene in just a moment. ♪ >> stop now, what's that sound, everybody look what's going down. ♪
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jon: new video crossing our international desk of the aftermath of a deadly earthquake in khaoeupb happen. the 5.8 quake has destroyed more than a thousand homes. at least 24 people reported dead and more than 200 hurt. soldiers have been sent in to help the victims, and tens of thousands of people living in that part of china have been sent to shelters. martha: big drama in the ongoing saga of the wisconsin budget battle. right now protesters are descending on the capitol, there were major fireworks there last night after wisconsin republicans found a way to pass the governor's proposal to restrict collective bargaining for most state unions. the full assembly was supposed to take up the bill. protectors we have just learned have essentially taken over the capitol building. john walker is from the sen
11:26 am
sentinel, he joins us on the phone. set the scene for us. >> i'm actually outside. inside the capitol there are several dozen protesters who have lined the hallways leading to the assembly speaker's office and they have no intention of leaving. the problem for the police is that they need to check for weapons and metal wand those people to make sure that they don't carry any weapons. until that is done those people are going to stay put and no one else can get in the building. martha: so effectively they are stopping business from taking place? >> i think it's fair to say that the business of legislating today has been severely compromised. martha: what was supposed to take place in the assembly this morning. >> i didn't hear your question. martha: the noise from our video is a little loud. we'll try to fix that so we can hear you as well. what is supposed to take place in the assembly today, what is supposed to happen as far as
11:27 am
government business? >> what is scheduled to happen is that at 11:00am central time is the assembly was scheduled to convene and vote or at least consider the bill that the senate passed last night. that bill, as you reported, would strip collective bargaining to most if not all public sector workers with the exception of law enforcement people. that vote, obviously, is going to be delayed because of the large crowds here trying to get into the building. martha: you know, don you know wisconsin politics better than most of us obviously. one of the questions that keeps coming up when we look at what happened last night with the republicans and the senate, is what happened last night legal? >> well that's one question, the democrats would have you believe that they don't believe that it was legal. there were two meetings last night, one was a conference, and it appears to have been a technical violation of the state's open meeting law, so that is certainly subject to debate.
11:28 am
the next meeting last night after that meeting was the full senate, and that legality is being challenged as well. the republicans on the other hand say they have law on your side, three separate opinions from nonpartisan groups that assist the legislature all signed off on the actions that were taken last night. martha: has aoeupbting. thiinteresting.this is definitee will watch. it has ramifications for the rest of the country in states that are dealing with the same problems as wisconsin. we look forward to talking to you again, thank you sir. jon: you know it's one of my favorite stories, lindsay lohan, she is headed back to court, due there any minute now. she is facing a charge of felony theft, yes, felony theft for lindsey. there is word of a possible plea deal. will she take it? a live report next. martha: parts of new jersey are underwater today. we'll tell you what governor cristie is doing as more rain
11:29 am
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jon: fox news alert, let's get you updated on what is going on right now inside the wisconsin state capitol building, where apparently protesters have essentially taken over. joining us on the phone john
11:33 am
jagler a spokesman nor the assembly speaker jeff fitzgerald. it's my understanding, john, that you're trapped inside your offices there? >> yeah we were, it was difficult to get in. we needed state trooper escort to get in. we have a hallway that is outside of the assembly chambers where the vote was supposed to happen at 11:00 today the final vote on all of this and the protesters blocked it all off. they refused to leave. they had to be carried out. i had to walk into the office literally stepping over people and then people that were carried out they would go limp, hold up peace signs and go limp and they would be dragged out and then after we got in it was just me and my coworker jason, we were in here and we are pretty much trapped. they started pounding on the glass, they started messing around with the door handle, messing around with the lock. we could hear them on the outside through the glass say that, you know, what would it take to breakthrough the glass window of our office door. and there was nonstop pounding there for quite a while.
11:34 am
it has backed off slowly because the ante chamber outside the assembly chambers was full of people, those protesters i understand according to reports are being carried out one by one, so but the people that are in the immediate hallway outside the majority leader seuter's office and jeff fitzgerald's office are up against our door, vowing not to leave and saying this is the last ground they are going to hold this ground. jon: all right, the state of wisconsin with a live update. thanks. martha: let's get some comments from the governor himself. wisconsin governor scott walker. let's listen in. >> a along with that it gives the tools not only to improve government for the people of this state particularly the middle class taxpayers of this state but it ultimately allows us the tools at both the state and local level to balance our budgets not just now but into the future. this is ultimately about a
11:35 am
commitment to the future so our children don't face even more dire consequences than what we face today. that is what this bill is all about. in doing this it's interesting, because in other states where they are cutting billions of dollars from aid to local governments, to schools and local governments they are not giving them those tools. one of two things is happening, in some cases both you're either seeing leading to actions in those states where you'll see massive layoffs of workers and reduction in service or you're seeing the potential for massive property tax increases or in many cases the likelihood of both. to us that is unacceptable, that would hurt the middle class in this state by seeing a massive property tax increase and massive numbers of people laid off. we provide a third, better alternative that not only improves and reforms government but allows us at the state and local level to do so while avoiding massive layoffs and avoiding massive property tax increases. to do that we have a measure
11:36 am
that has to reform the collective bargaining system in this state. it's what the senate passed last night: it's likely what the assembly will pass this day. this measure includes not only the reforms in collective bargaining, it includes something i believe the public overwhelmingly supports and that is asking us as public employees, myself included to pay a little bit more for pension, 5.8% and a little bit more for health insurance premiums, 12.6%, if you ask the typical middle class taxpayer in this state is far more generous than what they are paying. most people are paying a whole lot more for healthcare and their retirement plan. this is about protecting the mid class and doing it in a way that avoids massive tax increases and massive layoffs. we are able to get those savings, we were able as was explained in the measure that passed the senate, there was some talk that just the
11:37 am
collective bargaining forms would be in. we were able to get the 5 and 12% savings also and multiple nonpart son agencies that advised both democrats and republicans in the senate advised us that this was a way to do that and still be in compliance with the narrow definition for the three 50's requirement. that's why there was not a need nor 20 senators to be in the senate last night and we've complied with that. we followed the law, and it allows us to move forward with these reforms, which are indeed fiscal. they are not in conflict with that requirement for a quorum, but they are indeed fiscal. they give a fiscal benefit to the state for the remainder of this year it allows us to save $30 million which allows us to save 1500 jobs, and for the next two years there after and the next budget it gives us at the state level the equivalent of $300 million worth of savings which allows us to save some 5 to 6,000 jobs. martha: the governor making his best argument once again for some of the actions that are taking place in state government
11:38 am
right now. what was supposed to happen today at the state capitol is there was supposed to be some actions taken in the assembly. we should point out why the governor was talking about the budget for the state of wisconsin that the about its and pieces we've seen pass through, the controversial one, limiting collective bargaining for state unions we haven't seen a full budget passed yet. that is when they are trying to work towards. obviously there are critics of the governor's plan. we got word from our producer, one of our fox news producers saying the capitol police at the capitol building, we've been telling you about the protests that have been happening there. the capitol is on lockdown until it is deemed safe and secure. a large amount of protesters are trying to push their way inside right now. we can only assume that this is to disrupt some of the activity that was supposed to take place in the assembly, in the state assembly today. as we hear more out of wisconsin
11:39 am
we'll bring you up to date? a federal effort to build cases against gun smugglers arming mexican drug cartels is coming under fire. the federal bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms programs traction weapons purchased illegally in the u.s. police recovered some of these weapons near the scene of border agent brian terry's murder. now the national rifle association is calling on senate judiciary committee chair patrick leahy, and charles grassley to investigate. we want to bring you both sides of the issue. first let's speak with paul helmke, he is president of the brady campaign to prevent gun violence. it's a about it of a complicated story, but the allegation is that the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms was purposely allowing guns to go across the border, guns that were purchased legally in the united states, to go across the border, fall into the hands of
11:40 am
mexican drug cartels so they could monitor them, keep trobg of them. the problem is, the allegation is they didn't keep trob track f them and some of these guns may have been used to kill a law enforcement agent. >> i don't think any of us want to see the u.s. become the arms supplier to the drug cartels. the issue is how do we stop that from happening and balance all the issues that are involved here. the atf has not had a permanent head for five years. the person that george w. bush had proposed was locked in the senate. the person that president obama proceed pested what you locked in the senate. atf has no leadership, nobody calling the shots, very little resources. our laws are weak. it's tough to stop these thins. if it's a legal sale going on then we rely on the atf to get the horse after eye out of the barn flying to track these things going forward. i think what the atf was trying to do here was capture the king
11:41 am
pins, the folks that were actually behind the purchases of all the guns, but that is tough for them to do after the horse has got even out of the barn. the third issue is really one and i'm sympathetic to the gun dealers. 99% of our federally licensed dealers are honest, try to do a good job. how are they supposed to know when someone comes in to by 30 or 40 assault weapons at the time whether that's legitimate or not. it's tough for me when it might be legitimate, when somebody goes in to buy that many guns, assault weapons, semi-automatic pistols as one time they will probably try to get them down to mexico or to gangs around the country. and right now there is no way for them to know whether these guys have a legitimate purpose for buying that many guns at once. that's why we need federal laws to make it harder for the bad guys to get these guns and to ship them to mexico orin to our person cities. jon: the president of the brady campaign to prevent gun violence. for the other side of the issue let's talk to wayne laf ii er.
11:42 am
he is the chief executive officer of the national rifle association of america. your point is tha that a lot ofe gun sales would have about squelched. they wanted to prevent the guns from going but alcohol, tobacco and firearms wouldn't let them. >> that's right. there needs to be a thorough congressional investigation into all of this. what it looks like to a lot of people is the obama administration, hillary clinton and attorney general holder have spent the last two and a half years blaming the second amendment freedom in this country for what is going on with the cartels. in an effort to set the stage for more gunnery strikes on the law abiding people in this country. and yet they could only prove a trickle of guns going down to mexico. someone in the government it looks like to a lot of people decided to change that trickle into a river of guns going down there to seek political advantage. i mean, they have almost no
11:43 am
prosecutions, very few out of it. they sent thousands and thousands of guns over to the cartels, and there was such a long period of time, while great law enforcement officers said it's crazy, idiotic, why are you doing it, it makes no sense and people are going to get killed. imagine the visual of president obama, the picture with president calendared today ron, complaining about the cartels, meanwhile the government president obama presiding over apparent lies sending thousands and thousands of guns to the cartels without telling the mexican president. it's crazy. jon: we are going to leave it there to keep it fair & balanc balanced. wayne lapierre from the nra. thank you. martha: breaking news out of madison, wisconsin. protesters are lined up in the capitol. the police say this capitol building is in lockdown.
11:44 am
they are trying to secure a building. a reporter from the scene told us part of the issue is the protesters came in so fast they weren't able to check any of them for weapons. it's a developing story out of wisconsin as the state tries to get back to work to see if they can pass a budget or what they are going to do next. protesters leaving there with a police escort. we'll bring you the latest out of wisconsin in just three minutes. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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jon: fox news alert, it's not a good one on the jobs front . weekly jobless numbers rose as the number of americans speaking unemployment benefits jumped by 26,000 to 397,000 last week. it is the third straight week it remained below 400,000, but still the number was much higher than analysts expected it would be. wall street did not like that, wall street down 162 points right now. martha: we know a lot of you are feeling some sticker shock whether it comes to gasoline prices or food prices. we've been talking a whole lot about that.
11:48 am
now we're going to focus on airline ticket prices, because thaoerbgs well, chris cotter is these, well, chris cotter is with us. the price leaps we've seen are extraordinary. >> we all know how much the price of gasoline has gone up at the pump. the same thing can be said for jet fuel. this time last year we were talking about $2.19 for a gallon of gas fuel. now it's over $3. the airline industry started becoming profitable over the last couple of quarters, that $15 billion they have to pass some of it onto the consumers. martha: wait a minute, if anyone -- if anyone wants to bring a bag you're getting charged extra for that. they are nickle and diming you all the time. they said that would go away. >> those things never go away first of all. demand. people will still fly even though you have the fees. big banks, big oil and airlines
11:49 am
are about the most vilified industries there are right now. the price of an average ticket between 2000 and 2009 when adjusted for inflation went down, the price to buy milk, the price to go to a movie, buy a car all went up double digits. the pricef travel went down when adjusted for inflation. and taxes, 7% was taxes. that went up to 14% in 92, now 20%. the airlines can't control that. it's tough for them to make a profit. martha: we will we'll try to keep that in mind. it's a better deal? it doesn't feel like it. chris cotter from fox business. jon. jon: fox news alert, you are looking live at, yes, the lindsay lohan caravan in los angeles. it's just about ten until 9:00 in the morning there. lindsey is on her way to court we understand in the black suv sort of in the center of your screen there. she is running a little bit later than intended but the hearing is not underway yet.
11:50 am
at rey rate what is going to happen to lindsey she potentially could go to jail, but there is a plea agreement on the table. we'll have to wait and see what she says when she gets to court. at any rate there goes the actress. we'll keep you updated on fox news. [ male announcer ] succeeding in today's market requires more than wishful thinking. it requires determination and decisive action. go to e-trade and get unbiased analyst ratings and 24/7 help from award-winning customer support to take control of your finances and your life. tap into the power of revolutionary mobile apps. to trade wherever. whenever. life isn't fully experienced sitting idly by. neither is investing. e-trade. investing unleashed.
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martha: a shock being discovery in afghanistan by nature though forces. the capture of some 50 pow irfull rockets made in iran specifically to be delivered to the taliban. they are the most powerful weapons ever intercepted en route from a neighboring state. peter brooks is former secretary of defense also a fellow of the heritage foundation. peter, quickly why is this so significant, what is it about the weapons that are so significant?
11:54 am
>> well, they are the most powerful ones that have been introduced by iran into the conflict in afghanistan on the side of the taliban, obviously. the rockets have a longer range and are more lethal. this is a stepping up of the pressure by the iranians against coalition forces in afghanistan. martha: some of the reporting suggests that this is a serious escalation by iran for their involvement with the taliban that you just mentioned. what can we make of that serious escalation? is it because iran wants to get more involved now or is it because the taliban suddenly needs more help? why is it? >> they have the spring offensive coming up. the winter is a very difficult time to operate in afghanistan million tear lee especially for the taliban. we are expecting a spring offensive. there are only 50 of these rockets, i wonder if that is significant. iran is involving itself to a greater extent in the conflict. it shows iran wants to target american forces. the weapons may be used aster or
11:55 am
weapons against civilian populations as well as the idea that iran would like to see the united states and coalition partners lose in afghanistan to increase its own influence in the region. remember, iran is on the rise in that part of the world and they are looking for opportunities to take advantage of political situations that will allow them to become the regional dominant power not only in south asia but also in the middle east. martha: what do we do about it? >> well there are significant challenges just in iran across the border as you know and we talked about them ourselves. you have the nuclear part, their support of terrorism. involvement in iraq and certainly for some years now afghanistan. the challenge is to try to shape iran's behavior which is obviously terribly troubling to the international community. we have to look at joining up with other countries in the region, and working against iran's aggressive foreign policy as well as try and isolate and prevent iran from increasing its
11:56 am
power that would allow it to promote its troubling policies in that part of the world and potentially beyond. iran is very close friends with venezuela and is involved in latin america today. martha: this is a story we have to watch as you mention as we go into the spring offensive and continue fighting in afghanistan. always nice to have your insight thank you. >> thank you. jon: a huge manhunt is underway for two escaped inmates. these fudge tiffs are accused now of even more violent crimes. what police are doing to try to catch them before they strike again. you've heard that diamonds are a girl's best friend. could they actually help treat cancer? the surprising findings of a brand-new study, next. ♪ you're my diamond girl. ♪ you're my diamond girl. ♪ you're my diamond girl. ♪ you're my diamond girl.
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jenna: right now, breaking developments and brand new
12:00 pm
story this hour, rebels under fire in libya, again today, driven from a key city, they vow to fight on even without a no fly zone. we have the latest developments there. also a wild uproar in wisconsin, the capitol is shut down as protestors storm the building. we're expecting more fireworks throughout day. we'll keep you updated. a move on capitol hill on terror detaineees, who wins, who loses and what it means for enemy fighters. it's all new, all live -- all live, it's temperature happening now". so glad you're with us as we hit high noon on the east coast, i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott, a major development in libya, forces loyal to mommar gadhafi with superior air and firepower appear to be driving rebels in the strategic oil port of ras lanuf, as we get word the u.s. orders the base shut down in libya.
12:01 pm
steve? >> >> reporter: this is a real setback for the rebels in ras lanuf. for several days they've been taking a pounding from government forces, both in the air, from fighter jets, from attack helicopters, and on the ground from artillery fire. right now several hundred rebel fighters are in full retreat. they're in their cars, pickups, and they are driving back east. this could be the start of a major offensive by government forces. in the meantime, on the diplomatic front nato ministers are meeting in brussels, they're talking about a possible no fly zone here in libya. while that -- those things are going on, france has become the first nation to recognize the rebel government in benghazi as the sole representative of the libyan people, the legitimate government. finally, three bbc journalists are now reporting they were detained by government security forces for 21 hours, they were beaten and put through a mock execution, one of them told us he was hooded, they held a gun to his head, then fired a shot past his ear, they were trying to
12:02 pm
cover the fighting in a town 20 miles away from here. jon: unbelievable, the developments there. steve hay began, thank you. jenna: closer to home and square one, the senate voting down two bills, with a plan to slash $50 million in federal spending. the clock is ticking, again, only eight days left until our government runs out of money. carl cameron is live from capitol hill with this story. carl. >> reporter: jenna, democrats are signaling a willingness to compromise and they should based on the way the bills were defeated, the move to cut $4.7 billion was defeated by large number and the republicans' plan to cut $60 billion in spending was also cut down but when you see how they were tkpaoet dollars, democrats were willing to talk. there were three republicans that voted with the larmer proposal, jim demint, rand paul of kepz and mike lee of utah, they voted against it because they wanted more spending cuts, considerably more. then you look at what
12:03 pm
happened to democrats, fully ten democrats and one liberal independent, bernie sanders of vermont, voted against the democrats' proposal of cutting $20 trillion because they said it was way too small, basically telling their leadership it's time to get to the negotiating table with bigger spending cuts. so the democratic leadership say it's time to meet somewhere in the middle. republicans want to cut more, some democrats, do too and it's and now they are condemn plating that. jenna: thank you very much, carl cameron. jon: a new report reveals massive government waste. the government accountability office, identifies overlapping programs costing taxpayers billions of dollars every year. more than 100 such programs, dealing with surface transportation, for instance. the overlap costing about $58 billion annually. eighty-two different programs that monitor
12:04 pm
teacher quality, 80 for economic development, 47 programs for job training scattered throughout the federal government, 20 for the homeless, and 17 for disaster preparedness. it is all right here in black and white, 345 pages of basically government waste, documented by a government agency. well now lawmakers from both parties are calling for mandatory hearings based on this report's findings. joining us now, congressman corey garth ner, republican from colorado, congressman gary peters, democrat from michigan. gentlemen, thanks for being with us. congressman garth ner, you know, sometimes you get the impression reading through some of this that if the federal government were a private business it would go broke. >> well, an people aren't surprised unfortunately that the right hand isn't talking to the left hand in government but it's time we put a budgetary slim-fast in place and replace the efficiencies. jon: here's the nice thing,
12:05 pm
you two come from different parties but you're wanting to attack this thing together and basically take advantage of what's in this report. >> absolutely. this should not be a partisan issue, this should be bipartisan. we need to see more of that here in washington and we've come together, saying we don't want to see waste, we don't want to see inefficiency, we need to stand up and say enough is enough, let's do things more efficiently and do them better. jon: and the problem as you know congressman peters is very often the gao reports, yeah, they come out, they come up with great information, and somebody sticks them on a shelf and never looks at them again. >> well, that's right. that's why we think it's so important to have legislation. it's great to be with congressman garth ner on this legislation saying let's put it in law, into statute, that within 90 days, the committees need to take it up. we can't keep kicking the can down the road, we've got to take action and we're standing up and saying let's do it, do it in a bipartisan fashion, and let's make sense out of government. jon: congressman garth ner, what's been the reaction on capitol hill from your
12:06 pm
fellow members? >> that's exactly right, keep this from becoming dusty in another washington pile, we've got to figure out how to put this actually to work. the people we've talked to on capitol hill are excited, it's got 20 co-sponsors and people are excited. it's not about reporting for reporting's sake, it's did doing the work, getting it done and cutting spending. jon: for instance, congressman garth ner, how do you wind up with all the duplicative programs, because so many government agencies are free to do their own thing and set up their own, say, program for the homeless? >> well, it's congressman's fault that oversight is trying to do too much for too many and it's simply not doing our role in watching how government is spending money so we need to do a better job of making sure people are communicating and eliminating that waste. jon: congressman, as you know, a poisonous atmosphere in many respects in that building that you work at now, the fact that you are coming together on this as a democrat and congressman
12:07 pm
gardner, a republican, are you getting better reaction? >> we certainly are. i think that's what we need to do more of. we're committed to working together in a bipartisan fashion. we can't -- we can accomplish things. i think that was the big thing of this last election, the american people said we need to get things done in congress, you need to roll up your sleeves, be practical problem solvers, put the partisanship aside and solve practical problems and we all agree we need a more efficient government and when you have unnecessary duplication, that doesn't serve anybody, we've got to fix this problem and can do it congress. jon: congressman peters of michigan, congressman gar gardner from high homo from my home state of colorado, thank you, we hope to get to the bottom of this. jenna: a fox news alert, lindsey lohan just arriving at the courthouse. that's where we find adam housley covering all the action. adam. >> reporter: jenna, we're actually here in los angeles watching this. it's been quite captivating for the television stations locally which followed her
12:08 pm
suv as it made its way from venice, california, which is about a 15-30 minute drive, depending upon traffic like you might expect in los angeles, she went south of the airport to the courthouse. coincidentally, the same courthouse where michael jackson's doctor has also been appearing in recent months. she went in there just in the last two or three minutes, wear a tight, form fitting dress with sunday glasses, to a plethora of media attention. she walked in about 34 minutes late. the first reports coming in to us are that the judge either knew they were going to be late or had no problem with it. the deputy d.a. apparently was also not in the courtroom at the scheduled time that court was supposed to begin, which was 8:30 a.m. local time. again, they didn't walk in until a.m. after 9:00. they're in there now. we have a shot inside the courtroom. all you're going to see is the seal of the state of california. that is normal as the camera will stay fixated on that until the judge enters the judge and the judge is kenneth l swartz who has
12:09 pm
said that if lohan approves the plea deal or agrees with the plea deal with the prosecutor in this case that he will put her to jail. if for some reason they don't agree to the plea deal which has been the latest report, that her team has not agreed to any plea deal whatsoever then that would mean potentially he would put her in jail in violation of the drunk driving charges. this stems from a january 22nd jewelry store incident, the jewelry store claims she took a $2500 necklace without permission, lohan said she had permission to take that necklace, to borrow it, if you will, and there was no theft involved whatsoever. last night there was video aired on entertainment tonight, the television show, showing lohan texting, showed her pacing and talking to a store clerk for about 45 minutes, and then she is wearing the necklace she's accused of stealing as the clerk shook her hand, and opened the door for her as she left. that video, lohan says,
12:10 pm
shows that she didn't in fact take this necklace. it's going to be interesting to see what happens, jenna, but this could be the fourth time she's gone to jail in the last four years. we'll know more once this court hearing occurs. jenna: you have everything, including the fashion update, which jon was particularly talking about, what was she going to wear! >> we i think you -- we bring you everything you want from los angeles. jon: i can always count on adam. jenna: we are going to be back with adam as she enters court, we expect movement in the next hour. jon: pretty scary story to tell you about, a couple of skwaeupd prisoners on the run and police now fear for the safety of a man who's missing. some new clues as we track the man hunt. >> once again, chaos breaks out in madison, wisconsin after republicanning pass a bill that they say helps protect taxpayers and fix that state's budget problems. so what's next in the battle to limit union power and balance the state budget? check out what all the buzz
12:11 pm
is about. you can go to, the home page there, and click on the most read tab. fox, your other news source.
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12:14 pm
jenna: happening right now, an intense man hunt underway in tennessee for two fugitives who apparently kidnapped a man while on the run. harris is following this from across the newsroom. >> reporter: jenna, what makes this a little disk is it involves several states. i want to start in louisiana at a louisiana state compound where two suspects were in a state van and got away. let's put their pictures on the screen because police say they are going to depend on the public's help. darina drake pierce and 30-year-old ricky wedgeworth escaped from the louisiana state complex, police say they carjack a guy and take the man with them, the driver. that man, whose name is david michael cupp, 53 years
12:15 pm
old, we also have miss h-bgt -- his picture, he's missing. once more they've found the car that was carjacked and police are saying they have blood in it and they have no idea where that driver, cupps, is at this hour. they've got a missing man and man hunt for the two guys who escaped police custody. let's go back to them and put up a tipline if we can. they were both already in custody for attempted murder and armed robbery. these are some dangerous guys. 800pbifind, the wife of the man who's missing is worried, because her husband didn't pick up his cell phone and he didn't show up for his job. he was in town on an assignment away from home, out of state, and now david michael cupps is missing and these two guys are on the run in the state of tennessee. they're looking for them. back to you. jenna: very sad. harris, thanks to you. >> sure.
12:16 pm
>> the governmental body should provide 24 hours notice. this is clearly a violation of the law. you don't shut people down. it is improper for you to move forward while this is a violation of the law. they are not amendments and that is wrong. chairman, this is a violation of law. this is not just a rule. it is the law. mr. chairman, this is a violation of the law. jon: well, the fireworks continue in wisconsin, and you see some of them there. thousands of protestors are skwarpling the state capitol right now after republicans vote to restrict union bargaining power among state workers. democrats are crying foul, as police deal with another day of chaos. chris stierwalt is digital politics editor and you called it in your power play
12:17 pm
report today, chris, you said it's going to be an ugly day in wisconsin. >> did gives me no pleasure to be right on this one, jon, because things are very dicey in madison today, and in fact i think there's a chance, and there's a concern amongst people i've talked to, in wisconsin today that this could get even worse, because now we've had police go in and forcibly remove protestors from outside of the house chamber where they were trying to obinstruct business today. this standoff keeps escalating and the unions who they see this as an existential threat to their life are going hard at this thing. jon: it does seem you could simplify the process here by getting those awol democrats back out of illinois to come to the statehouse and actually do the business for which they were elected, but they don't want to do that, and then when republicans found a procedural way around it, around having them there, they don't like that, either. >> well, you know, the way it's playing out in the
12:18 pm
local press and the way you see it working in wisconsin today is basically this. democrats lost their ability to complain about procedural niceties and parliamentary process when they actually physically fled from the state and have been gone for almost three weeks and hiding in motels in illinois to prevent the senate from doing its business, so now it seems a little secure lous, if you're coming forward to complain about procedural process, if you, in fact, are in hiding in another state, that doesn't change, though, the fact that for these protestors, many of whom are labor activists from around the country, students from inside the state, and others, that they feel that they've been wronged in a profound way, filmmaker michael moore calls it a war, that war has been declared, and urges people to rise up. this is not what we're used to seeing in a state legislative session. in fact, it's quite unlike anything i can recall. jon: and you know, i mean, it's supposed to be the democratic process at work,
12:19 pm
you're supposed to elect legislators to represent you, but i guess if the legislators won't represent you, and run off to illinois and hide, maybe this is the result again, huh? >> well, democrats probably need this unrest to quiet down pretty fast, because if this keeps up, people in wisconsin are going to get very uncomfortable with the level of discord, broken windows at the state capitol, mobs pushing people around. they probably need this to quiet down pretty fast or there could be a political consequence for them to pay. jon: cries stierwalt, chris, thank you very much. you can read his column today and get powered up every day with chris' power play. just go to, click on the politics tab there up at the top of our home page. jenna: tough weather today out there. the flood-ravaged northeast seeing more heavy rain today, tornadoes tearing through dixie, when some folks expect relief. we're going to have your forecast coming up. plus diamonds, how a girl's best friend could help treat cancer.
12:20 pm
true? fox medical a team on a study we want to share with you, in just a moment.
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12:23 pm
jenna: this just breaking from the cdc, cancer survivors are now a growing group. a brand new report finding there are now nearly 12 million cancer survivors in the united states, and that number is up significantly from the past years that we've gotten these statistics. dr. marc siegl of the fox medical a team is with us to kind of explain, maybe take us through the numbers, doc. so more people are surviving
12:24 pm
from cancer? what does that mean? >> this is great news from the cdc. we had 3 million survivors in the 1970s, now we're close to 12 million. if you get a cancer diagnosis, two-thirds of the people that get that leave at least five years. why? first of all we're detecting more cancer, secondly, we have treatments that are working to keep people live, and it's breast, prostate and colon. they're hard to find them but if you find them you have a better outcome. jenna: do you think we'll cure cancer? >> we'll never cure it because it's the body turning on itself but we're tricking the body into recognizing the cancer as foreign so we can get the body to attack it, attacking it like it's an invader. jenna: speaking of treatments there's a new study that caught our eye that is using diamond dust. >> caught your eye because it's diamond bust! jenna: admittedly, yes.
12:25 pm
using diamond dust to treat cancer. can you explain that to us? >> this is funded by the national institute of health and the american cancer institute. you know what's interesting about this, they're thinking outside the box, thinking what kind of metals or strange compounds could impact cancer. they're taking cancers that are very late stage and using nano diamonds, which are actually from mike meteors orioo. >> jenna: very, very small. >> very tiny. and very heavy metals and die moppeds have been shown to work on the immune system already, but a, it's mice, and b, if you use a lot of this, it's lethal. jenna: they're injecting it? >> right, exactly. jenna: i think we say diamonds, people think about wearing them. they're injecting the diamond dust into the body. >> and it's very, very powerful but also toxic. so it either saves the mouse or kills the mouse. that's the problem. jenna: and it helps the treatment with chemotherapy. >> there's a drug called doxyrubison and this seems
12:26 pm
to augment it. the chemo alone wasn't working but with the diamond dust it's working. jenna: do you think in a couple of years this could be a common treatment, injecting cancer patients with diamond dust? >> i can't say that because the toxicity worries me. at the end stage, you're going to want to try it. i'm remembered of gold for rheumatoid arthritis. it was great but it caused keuzny problems. i don't know if we can get past the lethality part of it but maybe if you have nothing else it's a possibility. i like that this is being tested because it's thinking outside the box. jenna: amazing to think about the medical advans over the years. it will be one to watch. >> making progress in the war against cancer. president nixon called it the war against cancer. we're making progress. jenna: thank you, dr. siegl with the medical a team. jon: good news there. this just in, lindsey lohan 's court days is over at least for today. she rejected a plea deal that would have sent her to jail, this is of course over the allegations that she stole a necklace worth about $2500 from a jewelry store in venice, california back
12:27 pm
in january. the judge set a preliminary hearing date for april 22nd, at that time, prosecutors will be back in court and so will lindsey. they'll present the evidence against her, and perhaps she'll have a chance to respond. wicked weather making a mess in several states, including new jersey. take a look at this. flood watches and warnings are in effect in large parts of new jersey now. could the system be heading your way? more than a dozen suspected somali pirates in a virginia courtroom today, accused of killing those four americans on their yacht last month. what is next for them? will the victims see justice? that you're at greater risk of a heart attack or stroke. plavix helps protect people with acs against heart attack or stroke: people like you. it's one of the most researched prescription medicines. goes beyond what they do alone
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you can do dinner. 4 minutes, around 4 bucks. campbell's chunky. it's amazing what soup can do.™
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jon: a major storm system moving up from the south and along the eastern seaboard is leaving behind all kinds of terrible damage. a state of emergency in alabama. heavy rain there causing dangerous flash floods and least two tornadoes touching down. in louisiana, folks are cleaning up after a band of severe thunderstorms rumbled through. and heavy flooding in new jersey is expected to get even worse. up to four inches of rain expected in jersey, in the next 24 hours. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is in the extreme weather center. rick? >> jon, so much going on across so many areas. look at the current temperatures. i want to point out three temperatures, 64 in raleigh, 46 in attant la and 65 in
12:32 pm
tampa. that transition of weather means more severe weather firing up towards the east. now areas from d.c. throughout much of north carolina could see the threat for some tornadoes from the afternoon even into the overnight hours. also we've got the rain that is spreading throughout south florida. you don't see too many fronts move all the way through south florida this time of year. we have this one. pretty significant thunderstorms but means temperatures will cool down quite a bit next couple days. i've been in the 70s or 80s, dropping down 10 degrees. headed into the northeast. this will be next area that will be very problematic. we're talking about very prolonged rainfall. that will continue to bring the flooding threat. you still see all the greens down to the south. that's from the rain yesterday, residual flooding from it but then here towards the northeast very heavy rain continuing to fall that is on top of all the snow we've had all this winter and top of next couple weeks where we had so much rain. we'll see more rain falling next "24" to 36 hours here.
12:33 pm
you notice right here. "bullseye" across northern jersey and eastern pennsylvania. a lot of areas, a large areas, maybe two to three inches of rain with pockets of four inches of rain. most of the areas, half-inch of rain will cause more flooding. you get this kind of rain, jon we'll talk about some significant flooding again. it ends tomorrow around midday but will take all weekend for this to reside. probably monday, tuesday and weekend will be rough for many people across the northeast. jon: more misery for those folks. that is terrible. thanks, rick. jenna. jenna: four somali pirates accused murdering four americans on their yacht is set to appear in court. steve centanni in norfolk, virginia. what is the latest? >> reporter: they will appear at 2:00 in the building behind me here. we have tape of that. 13 somalies and one yemeni suspect arriving at courthouse all the way from the gulf of aden. they were on the uss enterprise.
12:34 pm
they were the first appearance in court today. they will have charges read to them. they will decide how they're going about obtaining counsel. some defense counsel. let's take you back all the way to february 18th when we first became aware, the u.s. first became aware that the yacht, quest had been hijacked. four people on board, four americans were being held hostage. this happened in the arabian sea off the coast of oman, farther east of somalia than you would expect but pirates are lurking there as well. on board, jean and scott adams. they were the owners of the boat. it was their lifelong dream to sale around the world. they have been doing that five years. on board were phyllis mckay and rob riggle. all of them were killed by the pirates. when the u.s. ships approached on 22nd of february, the pirates on board their yacht fired an rpg at the u.s. navy ship. there were shots fired on the yacht and all four of those americans suffered
12:35 pm
fatal injuries. jenna? jenna: as far as the pirates, steve, what charges do they face? >> reporter: today in court they face charges of kidnapping and conspiracy to kidnap and also piracy. you know, this is an unusual situation to bring somali pirates to the u.s. it first started last year when the first suspect went to new york. two more cases brought here to norfolk, virginia. but, before that, there were no prosecutions of pirates on u.s. soil for 190 years. and before that the yemenies and say shell islands were taking care of these cases. they became overwhelmed. now the u.s. is trying to do it. attorney general eric holder september this message to the pirates yesterday. let's listen. >> if you attack american citizens you are going to be held accountable and we will put you in jail for extended periods of time and we will consider other measures. we will seek ultimate sanctions where that is appropriate.
12:36 pm
>> reporter: we'll see what happens in court. it getting underway at 2:00 p.m. jenna, back to you. >> historic case for sure, steve centanni, thank you very much. >> reporter: you bet. jon: a tax battle that could pit government versus religion as towns look for new ways to balance their budgets. by law churches are exempt from property taxes. so one community came up with a way to try to get around that, by charging a new fee. church leaders are calling it a tax on attendance. douglas kennedy is back from mission kansas with a look at that controversy. >> reporter: jon, when is a tax not a tax? the town calls it a fee for use of town roads. the churches say it is a property tax which they say is clearly illegal. eric stanley says the government can tax your life and it can tax your death but it's not supposed to tax your church.
12:37 pm
but that is exactly what you say is happening right here in mission, kansas? >> absolutely the city of mission is taxing churches that. is clearly constitutionalal. >> reporter: like other states kansas law that churches are exempt from taxes. the small town north of kansas city passed so-called driveway tax, a controversial charge for everyone based on number of times their driveways are used. homeowners pay $72 annually. but this baptist church has to pay 900. and the more popular catholic church, pays $1700 a year. stanley is now helping the churches sue the town. >> the city of mission taxes churches based on the number of trips in and out of their driveway. the number of people that come to church that is a tax on church attendance. >> reporter: mission ace mayor laura conigliaro well would not come on camera to explain the controversy but i did speak with her over the phone. she said the driveway tax is
12:38 pm
not a tax at all but a fee, which she says mission has every right to impose. mission's mayor says this is a fee-for-services like road repair. she says that's legal. what do you say? >> that's not going to work. this is not a fee-for-services rendered. this is a tax. >> reporter: stanley believes the kansas courts will agree with him. he expects a trial to begin by this summer. that's it from here, jon. back to you. jon: sound like a tax to me. douglas kennedy. thanks. jenna: a new move on capitol hill to give the military complete control over its terrorist detainees. what this could mean for the future of gitmo and civilian trials as well as justice is on the way. our live chat is up and running. harris is chatting with you. what is going on today? >> harris, what if any charges will be put against protesters who have been difficult for police to remove? that is the hot topic right now they're talking about. it is click on what's "happening
12:39 pm
now". beneath the top story and take you to jon and jenna's beautiful picture. get in on the conversation. chad miller, wisconsin already should have national guard brought in on the protesters. lots of people on lots of different sides of everybody issue here. they're talking wisconsin budget battles. we're also following governor walker's twitter page from the live chat as well to see what he is you at thatting about. stay with happ now. if it is happening now you will know about it here.
12:40 pm
12:41 pm
[ man ] ♪ trouble ♪ trouble, trouble trouble, trouble ♪ ♪ trouble been doggin' my soul ♪ since the day i was born ♪ worry ♪ oh, worry, worry worry,orry ♪ [ announcer ] when it comes to things you care about, leave nothing to chance. travelers. take the scary out of life.
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- because it's completely invisible. - because it's designed to help me hear better. male announcer: introducing amp, a new kind of hearing aid, so tiny, it's invisible. female announcer: amp is comfortable to wear and easily removable. amp, the hearing aid for people who aren't ready for a hearing aid. male announcer: call: to find an amp hearing professional near you. only $750 each. >> hey, everyone i'm megyn kelly. breaking news out of wisconsin. republicans senators reported getting death threats. we'll update you. the plus the director of national intelligence who twice embarrassed himself in recent weeks may have just done so again. wait until you hear who he believes our biggest threats are. and, these wisconsin protests are getting very
12:43 pm
animated at the very least. where is the call for civility now? where is the double-standard? can you imagine if tea party breaking windows and shouting this is war? plus a beauty queen dethroned all because of a prior title she held. what was it? we'll tell you. see you at top of the hour. >> this just into the breaking news desk. i'm harris faulkner. baseball legend yogi berra has been taken to a hospital in clearwater, florida. he is a yankee legend. the yankees are playing the philadelphia phillies at their spring training facility. apparently growing by berra was inside the clubhouse. they were having lunch. as backing away from reportedly the food table he tripped somehow and ended up on his back. we're told he did not hit his head. serious enough to take him by ambulance. we'll monitor the situation. people there said they didn't think it was too serious but wanted to check him out. growing by berra taken by
12:44 pm
ambulance to a hospital in clearwater, florida. jon: there is new battle brewing over how to handle the detainees held at gitmo. president obama recently reversing his order to halt military tribunals. right now senator lindsey graham is proposing legislation that would go even further. keeping detainees from being tried in the united states at all. south carolina senator lindsey graham is a repull can on the armed services committee. he also sits on the homeland security committee and he joins us now. you have said that president obama's proclamation is confusing. why? >> well, he doesn't address the questions of our time. he doesn't do anything about reading miranda rights for terrorists we capture at home. he doesn't tell us what he will do with khalid sheikh mohammed. our legislation with senator mccain and chambliss has answers to all these problems. we say there will with be no federal money spent to have khalid sheikh mohammed go into civilian court.
12:45 pm
he should be tried by our military. he didn't rob a liquor store. he attacked america. we say, don't transfer anybody from guantanamo bay to yemen, somalia, pakistan, that is like letting them go. we have comprehensive answers to these questions. the executive order did not provide these answers. jon: i think most of our viewers remember a couple of the highlights from the first year of the obama administration. up with of the first things -- >> second day. jon: the president said he would do is close gitmo. that was one of his first official proclamations. also attorney general eric holder saying khalid sheikh mohammed and some of the other 9/11 plotters would be tried right here in new york city where their crimes were committed. now all of that is out the window. >> well, i hope it is because the reason we haven't closed guantanamo bay is he never came up with a plan to allow it to be closed. they have been trying to criminalize the war. they have been trying to take people like khalid sheikh mohammed and treat them as common criminals, not warriors. the difference between the law of war and criminal law
12:46 pm
is big. and it's real. he should never be in civilian court with the same rights as american citizens. and we're saying the people in guantanamo bay represent a national security threat. we don't have a new jail. let's use guantanamo bay. and here's the question for the nation. if we captured someone in yemen tomorrow who is an al qaeda operative, jon, where would we put them? jon: i guess i'll let the experts answer that question. >> you know what the experts say? admiral mullen told me, we don't have a plan. the administration will not allow future captures to be put in guantanamo bay. so we're a nation without a jail and we fixed that. jon: so all of a sudden the guantanamo bay policy instituted by the bush administration is looking a lot better to the obama administration. at least it is their only alternative for now? >> they have got 48 people they identified too dangerous to let go but not subject to criminal trial in military or civilian court
12:47 pm
that is where bush was six years ago. we're 10 years into this war and we don't have rules to protect this nation against terrorism. we'll introduce those rules with senator mccain today. i'm sad to say it has taken us 10 years to get here. jon: and, general reaction that you've heard from other senators? >> about time. i don't think many senators want to give khalid sheikh mohammed a trial in new york city that would cost hundreds of millions of dollars, give him a platform to spew his hate and criminalize the war. i don't think many senators want to read miranda rights to people who tried to blow up an airplane. i don't think many senators want to let people in guantanamo bay go back to yemen, somalia or pakistan. i think we'll do very well with our legislation. i wish the administration would have happened helped us. i've been trying to work for year-and-a-half with these folks to come up with a rational detention policy. we haven't gotten there so we'll do it on our own in congress. jon: senator lindsey graham from south carolina. >> thank you. jenna: is this a declaration of civil war?
12:48 pm
the son of libya's leader speaking with reuters and says, the time has come for full-scale military action against the rebels. and also says, his family will not surrender, even if western powers intervene in the conflict. take a listen. >> if they want to support the militia, do it but he will lose. we will win. and we're not afraid. of the american fleet, nato, france, europeans, it is our country. we live here. we die here. we will never ever surrender to those terrorists. libyan nation is united now. we are so strong. jenna: saying he will not surrender to the terrorists he says. he also went on to say, qaddafi said he is introduced in introducing democracy and freedom to his country. a developing story to be sure. deep breath. time for inspiring story.
12:49 pm
one of our favorite today. he was an early favorite on "american idol.". j.lo called him her favorite. now scott dangerfield on why he walked away from a shot at stardom just ahead. ♪ . often times it is just as blue ♪. ♪ sometimes it is for the glory, i have, it is a love ♪ are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years?
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♪ sometimes it is for the florey, will mosey, it is
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the love, it is the love ♪. it is the love. >> you might be my favorite i've seen so far. >> oh my good, jenner if. >> you blew me away. >> dude. >> wow!. >> crazy. >> let's vote. i want to vote. i want to vote. >> yeah, go ahead. >> yes!. >> yes. >> randy? >> 100 million% you know what i'm loving? this is unassuming season. >> hollywood. >> dude, you were hot. >> keep the hair. keep glasses like all of it. you're my favorite. we'll see you in hollywood. >> hollywood. >> we've been waiting all day for you. >> wow!. [screaming] jenna: makes you smile, right. that was scott dangerfield. a 22-year-old on his first step to becoming the next "american idol." you saw him
12:54 pm
with his ticket to hollywood. but that journey was cut short and the reason may surprise as well as inspire you. joining us is scott dangerfield live to tell us why. scott, why didn't you go to hollywood? >> well, i got through. got to the ticket. but, unfortunately i was teaching at the time. i had a class of 32 wonderful 7th graders and, you know, my obligation was with them, not with my music career. so --. jenna: so you said at this time, no-go? can't go? >> no-go. yeah, at the time it didn't even seem like a choice to me. my responsibility was to my students. they were depending on me every day. so, it wasn't a hard decision. jenna: you know, most people probably would not have made that choice, scott. probably being in your same position. and that is some of the reaction we get when we share your story. we found it so incredible.
12:55 pm
is there something else? maybe there is something else but it was really about your students? that is the one reason you didn't leave? and, what's your students reactions right now? >> no. it wasn't only thing. i don't want it to be seen as this like all good, noble person. it was also pragmatic decision. i don't know how it would have reflected on me with the school of education at the university i'm attending. i didn't check with them, but, i mean the main decision was my students, my obligation, my promise to them. i mean i'm also a pragmatic individual. jenna: you're coming to us from milwaukee, wisconsin. it is interesting the news we're getting out of wisconsin on the unions there. certainly the field of education has been under a lot of focus and scrutiny. my mother is a teacher. she has been a teacher for so long. and it's certainly a profession that has come under fire. why do you choose it now?
12:56 pm
>> that's true. teachers have been taking a lot of heat for physical problems in states. some say unnecessarily. i should probably take an objective stance on that, seeing as i'm a impartial teacher. i let my students decide. but, yeah the profession looks bleak to some. it was bleak before. there's a lot of, there's not a lot of job openings i should say. so, but again, i wasn't looking that far ahead. it was honestly this is where i am now. i have a class to teach. jenna: right. >> so i'm going to do that. jenna: we're excited for you. we're excited for your students because obviously they have, well they have got a good singer. i'm betting probably a good teacher as well. and a bright future, whatever you decide. we'll be watching for you scott dangerfield. watching for you in the future. >> all right. >> thanks so much for joining us today and sharing your story. >> thank you for having me. jon: i bet those kids are
12:57 pm
proud of him in a lost ways. some amazing color photos after the great san francisco earthquake. they surfaced just now after 105 years. our must-see moment of the day. who's your someone? campbell's healthy request can help. low cholesterol, zero grams trans fat, and a healthy level of sodium. it's amazing what soup can do.
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